Mobicem Cemfloor

Liquid Screed

LIQUID SCREED – Mobicem is a CE Approved Cemfloor screed delivered from a computerised automatic mobile mixing truck.

The screed factory arrives on site with all the approved materials (sand, water, cement, Mobichem binder, Admixture) and is mixed under factory production control. Mixes are pre-set into the computerised batching system with full printable batch records available for each job.

Mobicem screeds are very responsive to underfloor heating; due to the fact that they can be laid in very thin sections and have a high thermal conductivity.

Since Mobicem is a cement based screed:

  • Floor coverings can be applied much faster than calcium sulphate screeds which needs to be dried to a final moisture content of 0.5%CM which can delay floor finishings by months.
  • Floor finishes can be applied once the screed has dried to a final moisture content of 2.5%CM; speeding up the entire build process.


  • Foot traffic after 24/48 hours
  • Larger floor area without joints up to 150m2 unheated, up to 100m2 with underfloor heating
  • Exceptional thermal conductivity
  • Thinner sections compared to traditional screeds. Only 25mm of screed required above underfloor heating pipes
  • Minimal drying shrinkage (<0.05%)
  • Can be applied in wet areas
  • More thermal insulation can be used within the same floor (thickness), compared to traditional sand cement screed which leads to a better energy rating for your building.
  • Self-compacting – no voids around underfloor heating pipes
  • No surface laitance (dust) after curing.
  • Easy installation; up to 1000m2 per day (reduces time & costs).
  • Reduced carbon footprint compared to traditional screeds
  • Compatible with all cement based adhesives; including fast track systems
  • Lower running costs for underfloor heating systems when using Mobicem. This is due to the exceptional thermal conductivity and the ability to lay thinner screeds over the underfloor heating pipes.
Approved Installers

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